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A professional headshot is crucial for getting a part in any production - it is also a crucial part of finding a good agent. A poor headshot will do nothing for you except erode confidence - but a good headshot will create opportunities and open doors.

So how do you choose the best style for your headshot? Firstly, there are 3 main factors that affect the overall style - Light, light and light!

(Other things such as what to wear, which make-up and hairstyle to use are issues that can be dealt with on the day relatively easily) Light is the single most crucial factor that affects the overall style of your headshot.

Each style will affect the finished image dramatically - (see this example of an actress from Birminham School of Acting.)

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Indoor Natural Light Outdoor Natural Light Indoor Studio

Prices for individual sessions start at just £150 and include two free 10x8 black & white prints.

Traditionally some photographers will only shoot one style, so it could take 3 separate shoots before you discover your best lighting style. By far the most efficient way is to combine sessions - indoor studio / outdoor shoot, or a natural light indoor / outdoor shoot - I offer the best rates in the business and I specialise in giving the best value for money and a guarantee of a re-shoot if not fully satisfied.

Combinations start at just £250 and include 4 free 10x8 prints. (£60 worth of prints) I can also offer shared sessions where you can divide the shoot time with a friend and save 20% - or ultimately, why not try all three sessions and really discover your ideal style in one shoot - I offer 4 free 10x8 prints with every combination.

You will have a personalised online gallery where you can view your contacts - the gallery page can be password protected and you can view it anywhere at any time - printed contact sheets can be ordered as well as multiple repeat copy prints and Z-Cards.

Consultation is free and so why not call today to arrange a suitable time for your shoot.

Initially you will need to call first to arrange a suitable time - the phone number is in contact - a deposit is required and you may pay online


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