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The Cocktail Pink Gin is a drink made fashionable in England around 1850. It consisted of Plymouth gin, a dash of 'pink' Angostura bitters, a dark red extract of gentian and spices, known from the 1820’s at Angostura - Venezuela, but now made in Trinidad and Tobago. It also can include Lemon rind, which is commonly used as a garnish – the citrus oils offering a subtle lemony taste, enhancing the flavour.

The well known Cocktail ‘Pink Gin’ was created by British Naval officers during their long and arduous trips across the Atlantic and around the Caribbean Sea. Traditionally, they used Plymouth Gin, a fine and quality Gin distilled to this day in Plymouth, England.

Plymouth Gin has a sweeter, more rounded note than most other Gins. It is to this day one of the few Gins that is distilled using traditional copper stills, and has a distinct and complex note. London Dry Gin, is less favoured in the use of making Pink Gin Cocktails, in my opinion - because of it’s flatter, less rounded flavor.

Plymouth Gin still retains some of the original ingredients developed in the Indian Sub-Continent by the British at the turn of the 18th Century. The neutral grain spirit is infused with a special blend of herbs and spices and distilled in the traditional way.

The use of bitters in a Gin Cocktail was first discovered at sea. Originally used as a tonic for seasick sailors, the bitter additive was introduced and is believed to be the development of a Doctor Johann Gottlieb who in, or around 1930, discovered that adding a dash of medicinal Siegert, proved successful in treating a number of seasickness symptoms.

Dr. Johann Gottlieb Benjamin who subsequently formed the House of Angostura, a company selling the bitters to sailors, and the British Royal Navy then purchased the idea for the drink to supply bars in London, where this method of serving was first noted on the mainland. By the 1870s, Gin was becoming increasingly popular and many of the finer establishments in England were serving Pink Gin.

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